Love Is Blind






Studio: JoyBear Pictures
Approximate Running Time: 01:36:05
Date Added: 2020-11-04
Released: 2020

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Starting to lose her sight teaches Julie how to use her other senses to take her to new erotic realms. With her newly heightened perception the sound, scent, taste and feel of sex are more intense than ever before...

Episode 1: ‘All The Feels’

Julie is losing her sight, and some of her sexual confidence. The only thing she feels safe with now are erotic podcasts, but her best friend Ley is determined to bring her out of her shell, starting with a threesome. The girls invite Nathan over for a sensual session, all starting blindfolded as they start to touch each other, making Julie feel relaxed. As Julie's fears quickly evaporate she is soon riding Nathan, moaning with pleasure and glowing with confidence. This scene centers on female enjoyment and we love that. The two girls are clearly very attracted to each other, as Nathan enters her from behind, Ley focusses on Julie's pleasure, licking and fingering her pussy to a shuddering climax. It's then Julie's turn to bring her friend into her bliss and finally together for Nathan.

Episode 2: ‘Sweet Smell’

Julie was taught that any smell coming from her underwear was something to be ashamed of. But as her sight worsens, her sense of smell heightens and she begins to notice and love the different smells of sex, inspired by her friends JJ and Pooky. They were drawn to each other by smell. They will fuck for a week and not wash their sheets, reveling in their pheromones mingling as they pleasure each other again and again. JJ and Pooky have been together for a long time and their union shows their intense level of intimacy and the mutual satisfaction that they gift one another as naturally as breathing. The chemistry between them is intoxicating for the viewer as their bodies writhe together to an exquisite finish.

Episode 3: ‘Spoken Word’

Ley used to send Julie videos of her hook ups. But Julie's eyes soon became sore from watching, so Ley started making them audio only. Now, every time she hooks up she sends Julie a gift in the form of a sexy recording. She says it's a great pick up line, guys love the idea-Ley hasn't had a no yet... As Ley and her lover Julio hook up, the phone is recording the sound of every lick and moan for Julie. Ley sitting on the kitchen bench as Julio pleasures her pussy with his tongue, the noises they make as he enters her from behind, Ley holds her phone close for the clearest sounds. Julie listens as she pleasures herself with her vibrator, getting more and more turned on until finally, with her legs quivering and back arching, she brings herself to a beautiful climax.

Episode 4: ‘Taste of Honey’

One of the first things that Julie learned when she started to lose her sight was that how your partner tastes is just as important as how they look. These days she likes to lap up her lover, savoring their body from mouth to feet and back up again. Fran and Tic are a couple that make videos about all things erotic Julie watches them, mostly because they are hot as fuck, but she also likes to imagine what they get up to once the camera is off... In her mind's eye she sees the two beautiful girls slowly tasting every inch of each other, from their hands to their feet and using their tongues to flick and lick their pussies as they both make gentle moans of intense pleasure, bringing themselves to climax again and again.

Episode 5 – ‘The Whole Package’

Julie used to care about how she looked when she fucked. But now she knows that she was missing out on how she felt, how she smelt and how she tasted. Now she gets pleasure in every inch of her body and knows how to reach new levels of bliss with her lover Lucky. She revels in his gaze as she dances for herself, and she knows just by the sound of his voice when he wants her. Lying her back she focusses on her own pleasure as she uses just the tip of his hard cock to rub her clit and pussy. Moving her hips to allow him inside her just a bit so that she can feel him just where she needs. Next, she rides him, grinding herself on his sex until her hips shudder with bliss. Seeing Julie fully in her own power and meeting her needs is a truly erotic and inspiring experience.

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