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Serene Siren is driving around, trying to find out where her wife is. She’s suspected that Krissy’s been cheating on her for a while now, but doesn’t have any solid proof. While Krissy was in the shower, Serene took her phone and shared Krissy’s location with her own phone so she can finally get to the bottom of this. Krissy says she’s snowed in in Chicago but her location shows she’s across town, still in California. Serene finds Krissy with another woman, Riley, in a park, she takes some pictures of them and then decides to follow them to see where they go next. Krissy drives them back to Riley’s house, with Serene close behind, then head to the living room to get more intimate. They start making out and undressing until there’s a knock at the door. Riley says it’s probably just the neighbor, so they get redressed so she can get the door. Serene bursts in once the door is opened and heads directly over to Krissy on the couch. Krissy tries to explain herself but nothing works, she’s caught red handed, Serene wants a divorce. Riley chimes in with an interesting proposal, since Krissy cheated on Serene with her, maybe Serene should cheat on Krissy with her too. “I’ve always been a proponent of things being fair” Serene says as she agrees that it’s a great idea and as Krissy objects, Serene tells her it’s this, or a divorce. Krissy moves out of the way as Serene and Riley start to rub each other all over. They make Krissy watch as they lick each other’s pussies and oddly, Krissy starts getting turned on. Serene and Riley agree that Krissy has been punished enough and let her join in on their fun and in the end Krissy and Serene are closer than ever.

It’s Kenna James’ wedding day and she’s locked herself in her room and won’t come out. She’s weeping on the bed uncontrollably as she contemplates whether or not she’s making the right decision. Kenna doesn’t want to go out and have sex with a bunch of guys, the one thing she’s going to miss after she gets married is hooking up with girls. She’s always thought of herself as bisexual but monogamy is monogamy and if she gets married, she’s going to have to stop being with girls. Her mom knocks on the door and after being told to go away she devises a plan, she’s got to get Gina, Kenna’s maid of honor, she’ll be about to fix this. Gina knocks on the door and Kenna lets her in so she can try to help solve this issue. Kenna explains to Gina that she likes women, she didn’t know how to tell her earlier, but Kenna wants to hook up with a girl one last time before getting married… and Gina’s right in front of her. Kenna asks Gina if she’d have sex with her, knowing that Gina has hooked up with girls in the past. She’s reluctant at first but after Kenna begs over and over again, Gina gives in to Kenna’s suggestions. Gina helps Kenna quench her thirst for another woman and when they’re finished Kenna heads downstairs to get married. This takes the bride’s maid of honor role to a whole new level!

Dava Foxx and Adria Rae are a married couple with a special arrangement. Adria likes when Dava goes out and picks up other girls and hooks up with them. The one catch is that Dava has to video chat with Adria while she’s hooking up so she can see everything. They have their basic routine down, They find lonely & horny women online that are looking for something casual, then pick whichever one they want. Dava gets ready by taking a hot shower before putting on her sexy lingerie with stockings before opening up her computer and getting Adria setup on the video chat. Adria makes Dava promise that she’ll come right home after she hooks up with the random girl and not even take a shower, she wants her covered in all the other girls’ sweat and pussy juice. Then there’s a knock at the door. Dava greets Georgia then brings her over to the computer to meet her wife. Adria explains that she gets off watching Dava with others girls, and Georgia seems totally down for that. They move to the couch, where Adria has a perfect view, then proceed with this steamy encounter.

Angela White anxiously awaits the arrival of her husband’s sister, Cherie Deville, who she’s never met. She cleans the house and prepares the guest bedroom as she recalls her husband saying that Cherie was a wild party girl back in her younger years, and Angela is determined to find out if she still is. The doorbell rings and Angela excitedly runs to the door to let Cherie in and welcome her to their house. She brings Cherie up to the guest bedroom so she can relax a bit after a long day of traveling and change into something more comfortable. Angela stands in the doorway and rubs Cherie’s arm as she tells her to make sure she lets her know if there’s ANYTHING she needs…ANYTHING, before closing the door. Cherie’s taken aback by Angela’s behavior but doesn’t think anything of it. Unbeknownst to her, Angela is still right outside the door. Cherie gets out of her restrictive dress as Angela secretly peeks through the crack in the door and is amazed by how tight and hot her body is, and how she even reminds her a little of her husband. After Cherie takes off her bra Angela can’t control herself anymore and bursts into the guest room to get a better look at her amazing breasts. She tells Cherie that she’s heard all about how she used to date men and women, but Cherie scoffs at the idea since Angela’s her sister-in-law. Angela’s husband announces that he’s home, interrupting their discussion, so the girls make their way downstairs. After chatting with her husband, he gets a call from work and has to head out to handle some business, leaving Cherie and Angela to entertain themselves. Angela pulls out her breasts and flirtatiously jiggles them, telling Cherie that she knows she wants to bury her face in between them, before grabbing her head and squeezing it between them herself. Cherie has resisted Angela’s advances as much as she can and finally gives in, she hopes that by fulfilling Angela’s desires she won’t go out trying to hook up with random women and it will save her marriage to Cherie's brother.

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