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Booty Workout Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:22:41
Released: 2016
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The pool guy thought it would be another ordinary day at his pool cleaning job, but he just didn't know how wrong he was. As he takes a sneak peek upon the window he sees this neautiful nilf Bridgette B. doing her sexy workout, squeezing her tight ass, he can't take his eyes off of her as he continues peeking, but then she notice him and he thinks he is in so much trouble. She's asking what are you doing!? He tries to play it cool but his hard on won't let him think straight. He tells her that he was just cleaning her pool and as he passed by he saw her sexy workout and couldn't stop staring. She turns to him with a naughty smile and tells him ok, now you have to come inside so I can check you out. She takes off his clothes and starts working on his hard cock until the point he fucks her till she cums.

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