Virtual Reality Explained

VR Porn Tutorial

The Experience

Virtual Reality takes porn to a whole new level. Get closer than ever to your favorite porn stars: Riley Reid, August Ames, Brooke Wylde, Blake Eden and many more!

Imagine putting on glasses and finding yourself suddenly in the midst of the action. Turn your head and you can look around the room. Look forward and down and you'll have the illusion that it is you having sex. It's as amazing as it sounds, and HotMovies has it for you.


All you need, besides the goggles, is a phone or computer. If you have a touchscreen phone that can install apps, then you can watch virtual reality. According to Wired, "VR can be amazing even on a bare-bones phone."

Recommended VR Goggles:

Google Cardboard Firefly VR Gear VR Zeiss VR Oculus VIVE

Google Cardboard

Firefly VR

Gear VR

Zeiss VR



Preparation: Install the FreeVRPlayer app on your mobile phone

Available for Android and iOS.

Now you’re ready…

  1. Download your video
  2. After purchasing your VR porn video, navigate to the "My VR Downloads" page and find your purchase. Select a quality setting and tap the "Launch FreeVRPlayer" button. The FreeVRPlayer app will launch and begin downloading automatically.

  3. Play the video
  4. Your downloaded movies are stored under "My Videos" in FreeVRPlayer. To play a movie, just tap it.

  5. Place your phone in your VR headset
  6. Now that the video is playing, place your phone into your Google Cardboard or other VR headset and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete movies from my phone?
Go to My Videos to find your list of movies. On iPhone, swipe a thumbnail left to delete a movie. On Android, tap the x.
How do I reset the direction I’m facing?
You may find that after you’ve put the glasses in your headset that you’ve moved, and the action is happening to the side. No problem! Just tap on your screen to reveal some icons below. Face the phone in the direction you’re facing, so that you’re looking straight at the screen, and tap the circular (designer: grab that icon and put it here) icon. Now that it’s reset, you can get back to the action.