Mommy's Free Pass





Studio: MissaX
Approximate Running Time: 01:41:04
Date Added: 2022-05-02
Released: 2021

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Darlene (Reagan Fox) is trying to plan a surprise bachelor party for her stepson, Hunter (Chad White). Hunter catches wind of her plans and vehemently opposes the idea. Darlene is puzzled and presses Hunter to explain why. Hunter tells his mom the story, full of all the dirty little details, of how he was caught cheating on his fianc with an intern at his work. He feels terrible about the infidelity and is trying to make amends to his future wife. Darlene delicately tells him about her secret arrangement with his father, the couple are both allowed a free pass to go to bed with anyone they choose once a year. Hunter's cock twitches when Darlene reveals the sordid details of her own bachelorette party, the night she went to an underground sex club and enjoyed several young cocks inside of her at once. Watch the story unfold.

It is a year later and Reagan's other stepson Nick (Nathan Bronson) is about to get married as well and just like a year ago, mommy wants to surprise him. This time though the surprise is a private dancer (Madi Meadows) to show him a good time. He quickly rebuffs her however and after she leaves he goes to confront his stepmom, Reagan Foxx, about what she did. She apologizes for not letting him know what she was doing ahead of time. She also explains that she was also there to hookup with someone she meton an app and that her husband knows all about it and that he is fine withit! Nick walks away confused but later that night he goes to talk to her again. It's in his stepmother's bedroom when he learns about her annual free pass arrangement with his father. Stepmommy is allowed to stray once a year, and so is his father. Nick so hopes that she will allow HIM to become her free pass. A slow, sensual tease transpires between the two, and Nick's dreams come true. Things start off nice and slow as Reagan works her mouth and hands on his shaft while making plenty of eye contact. Rhythmic grinding and riding follows as well as doggy and missionary leading to Nathan eventually cums on Reagan's belly. Taboo talk...

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