Wrong Room






Studio: She Seduced Me
Approximate Running Time: 00:45:43
Date Added: 2021-08-30
Released: 2021

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Krissy Lynn is working in her hotel room, when a sudden knock on the door interrupts her. Once she opens it, the guest introduces herself as an escort, confusing Krissy even further. It obviously is some kind of a mistake, right? Turns out, Krissy's fiancé, John, wanted to have some fun for his bachelor party, and thought that the best way to do so is to call a charming escort Ember Snow. Outraged, Krissy orders Ember to leave, but Ember is insistent, saying that everything has already been paid for. Krissy very clearly needs to blow some steam off, so Ember decides its best to show her what exactly she was planning to do with her fiancé.
Clip 1 - 45 mins 43 secs

Wrong Room Clip 1 00:01:20
Wrong Room Clip 1 00:21:20
Wrong Room Clip 1 00:26:40
Wrong Room Clip 1 00:39:00
Wrong Room Clip 1 00:43:20
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Cast & Stars: Wrong Room

Comments on Wrong Room

Timbits says:
I liked the scene. I think Ember was really confident in the way she took control. She started with the upper hand having already been paid for the evening. She took her time seducing Krissy a bit more, a bit more as she showed Krissy what she would do with Krissy's fiance. Krissy was totally seduced by the end of the scene.
DeepKisser1x says:
Terrible scene! One of the worst scenes of the year. What is this guy Alan doing? Is this She Seduced Me or Kink? The scene was too rough, there was no passion, no kissing, nothing. Ever since this dude left Girlsway he's been making garbage. I hope some other studio books Ember and Krissy together and gives a proper scene. This is trash!
bigboss says:
Wow ember has become quite the dom lately she has gone gonzo, squirting, lesbo crazy !

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