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Spain is famous for many things, from great food to beautiful beaches, vibrant culture and wonderful people, but it's fair to say that millions flock there every year for the nightlife and the rampant sexual energy permeating the tourist hotspots. Alex Faux and Noah Pierce make a new friend in American backpacker Maxxie Rivers after a wild night left them destitute, lucky for them their new friend has a few new pals of his own, with a gorgeous place they can stay for a few days. Casper Ivarsson knows all too well what it's like for boys visiting the tourist town and he's more than happy to invite a few tourists to come and enjoy his accommodations, especially if they're hung and hot! Being the sociable sort he's eager to get to know each of his new guests, but tall and slim Noah is the first to make an impression, meeting up with Casper on the balcony and being invited inside for some BoyFun. Within moments the gorgeous guest's long uncut cock is out of his shorts for Casper to slurp and drool over, a delicious pink member almost equal in proportions to the one Noah is soon sucking. With his snug little hole getting some finger play the boy is quickly ready to slide his pucker down on Casper's generous dong, bareback, of course, his own cock bouncing between his slim thighs while he rides. Kneeling on the couch for some deep doggy-style thrusting and finally on his back for an even more penetrating pounding Noah is soon squirting his cream over his tight body, a shower of semen from Casper matching his own voluminous eruption. When Alex and Maxxie discover Noah enjoying the aftermath of a great fuck they're soon making their own plans to get to know their host.

Outdoor BoyFun is awesome, clearly, young lads Jake Olsen and Maxxie Rivers know that more than most. When Maxxie invites his new friend Jake to head out on a hike through the Spanish countryside they likely both know all too well that they'll be seeking a convenient place to get their dicks out for some alfresco pleasure. Indeed, the boys don't get very far on their afternoon walk before they're sharing a little kiss, admiring the scenery in an almost romantic encounter which can only encourage their boners to throb in their pants. It's a good thing the trails through the hills are so quiet, the two are soon stripping off their clothes and pressing flesh to flesh. Perhaps realizing that the tourist hotspot might not be the best place to suck dick they head deeper into the trees, their incredible hard twink cocks release for sucking. Jacob worships the thick-cut cock of his new friend before making clear his intentions. With smooth boy Maxxie up against the tree he crams his big bareback cock between those smooth cheeks and proceeds to bang his new boy right there in the open! Finally making use of the blanket Maxxie brought with him they hit the ground for some doggy-style ramming, with Jake pumping his naked took in and out in as many positions as they can think of. With Maxxie on his back and that dick driving deep his load spews from his shaft to splash over his body, his friend adding to the mess with his own exploding boner shortly after.

There are already so many horny boys at the villa ready and willing to share their hard inches and tight little butt holes, but the arrival of handsome pool boy David Sky only offers more opportunity for adorable Jacob Dolce. Nothing needs to be said between the two hot young things when they meet on the balcony, their lips colliding instantly and their hands beginning to explore each other. As the sun beats down their young cocks bulge and thicken, persuading them to head into the bedroom where the two new friends can truly become acquainted. Jacob discovers the hooded pink boner his new pal is offering, spending some time worshipping the delicious leaking tool, sucking on the hooded tip and slurping out his tasty juices, but his own generous young dong is soon revealed for much of the same from David, a boy clearly more than a little experienced with pleasuring a young erection. The boys are perfectly matched, two sun-kissed youths with engorged dicks enjoying each other on a lazy afternoon in the Spanish summer. The oral delights they share could be enough for them, but when Jacob makes clear that his tender young hole is open for fucking David eases his naked length inside, thrusting slowly and sensually in every position, leading his new friend to a climax that has his cock gushing hot young cream while he rides the warm shaft inside him. With gorgeous Jacob's cock spent David is ready to give his pal a final treat, wanking off in his face and splashing his gooey juices over the handsome boy's mouth.

The boys are enjoying some time at the beach, soaking up the Spanish sun and having a great morning together, but when young Alex Faux takes a drive back to the villa and encounters gorgeous boy Alec Loob at the side of the road looking for a ride he's soon pulling over and forgetting about his friends. The young man probably wasn't expecting the kind of BoyFun he gets when Alex takes him back to the house. A playful dip in the pool soon has them getting incredibly friendly, making out and revealing their rigid young cocks for each other, their throbbing pink lengths leaking pre while they stroke and slurp. The feast of prick licking out by the pool only gets hotter when the two head inside for some shade. Alex's tight little pucker is presented like a winking gift for Alec to taste and the visiting boy doesn't hesitate to dip his tongue inside. With his hole wet and their hunger intensifying Alec eases the head of his naked length into the tight opening, sliding deep and fucking young Alex over the edge of the seat. A little break for some deep fingering only seems to make our bottom boy even more demanding, taking it hard from behind before Alex takes a moment to eat out his new friend's pucker, then impaling his hole right back down on his guest's raw length. By the time Alex is splashing his hot cream out over the floor and taking a big messy load right in his cute face, he's made a great new friend, and they didn't even need to speak the same language.

Maxxie and Alex are gossiping about Jake by the pool and trying to work out whether he's into guys or not. Of course, he is, or at least he's not going to turn down some good BoyFun when he can get it. Noah is the boy to prove young Jake's curious nature, finding the handsome long-haired lad preparing something hearty to eat and making an entirely blatant move. The sexy twink might protest and make clear he's into girls but the pretence of his argument doesn't last long, he's soon inviting his new friend to explore his smooth and tight body. The boys explore each other, their hands sliding over warm young flesh while they strip, Jake's incredible uncut cock soon out of his pants and slipping between Noah's hungry lips. His own man-sized dick is equally impressive and equally tasty for a hungry young guy like Jake, his mouth slurping on the pink tool in return for the loving his own long pole has enjoyed. With their appetites growing Noah offers his hung young friend the ultimate treat, bending over and presenting his pale ass for Jake to ease his bareback length into. Even if Jake is technically straight he can't deny such an opportunity, sliding in and fucking his new friend from behind before sitting back and giving Noah a deep ride on his raw dong. The final thrusting on the table takes both boys to the limit, Jake's smooth little butt pumping as he humps his cock in and out of Noah's tight pucker, making the boy launch hot cream from his dick in a big display before pulling his own length out and drenching his bottom boy's hole with fresh cream, sliding his gooey inches right back into him. Gay, straight, curious... it doesn't matter anymore, boys like Jake are just down to have fun.

We can always expect young Alex to encourage his friends into sharing some BoyFun, but he doesn't need to try too hard to get gorgeous boys David and Jake to share their boners with him. The Spanish sun is beating down on Alex and his new friend Jake while the boys take a refreshing dip in the pool, but as their bodies meet and their lips come together their intent becomes more clear. The duo are sexy enough, but the arrival of handsome blond David only gets the two more excited, which is entirely understandable given how gorgeous the young man is. He wasn't intending to join them while he cleaned the pool around the boys, but with a playful shove, he's soon ensnared in their horny games. That's what happens when you look like he does around these two boys. It's absolutely no surprise that Alex is soon showing off his pale and peachy ass while sucking on the turgid dicks of this two sexy friends, the boys taking their turns to feed him their wet boners. With lips and tongues meeting tasty butt holes Alex is soon craving naked inches inside him, a pleasure David is soon providing while Alex continues to gobble Jake's tight little pucker. The incredible feast of cock and ass only makes our young bottom greedier, teaming up his friends cock-to-cock, sliding his tight little hole down on both their awesome dicks at once, his butt stretched around their rigid erections in a DP ride. Greedy Alex takes everything the boys can throw at him, including some big splashing cum loads right in his thirsty face, before getting his own splashing load fucked out of him to buy hung Jake.

I guess we've established by now that the Spanish sun is an aphrodisiac. The boys have been hooking up and having fun all over the villa, and elsewhere too, but the BoyFun certainly shows no sign of stopping. Fit young Jacob Dolce has been sunning himself out by the pool when playful Jake Olsen sends him scarpering inside with a severe splashing, and not the kind either might have secretly wanted. The boy was just teasing, but although he might have been hoping to get his lips around the bulging shape between Jacob's legs he's inadvertently sent him straight into the waiting arms of horny boy Alec Loob. It seems the boys are very much on the same wavelength, their lips meeting and their bulges revealed for sucking. As clothes come off and the two handsome young guys suck and slurp those rigid cocks Alec misdirects us with his tongue, probing between Jacob's cheeks and lapping at his tight little hole. It turns out he's the one who needs a good deep bareback thrusting, and that's precisely what he gets as he bends over the edge of the couch and his buddy slides his naked uncut meat between the mounds of flesh. The young man clearly loves the feel of an engorged cock deep in his ass while he lays back and takes it, his dick raging with stiffness in his stroking hand. Impaling his pucker down on Jacob's tool and taking his friend for a ride only seems to make him harder still, his length bouncing with pleasure while he slides up and down on the awesome young erection, the pleasure taking hold as Jacob pulls out to splash his seed, the mess quickly doubled as he takes over on Alec's big meat to make him erupt with sticky passion. Maybe if Jake had been a little less boisterous with his approach it could have been his snug little hole enjoying that slippery thrusting?

Ah, young love! Or is it young lust? Either way, we're here for it. Young twinks Maxxie and Alex fill us in on the fun they've been having with their respective new boyfriends Casper and Alec, and what a tale they have to tell. It was supposed to be an innocent double date, with Alex leading his boo Alec and Maxxie with his boy Casper, but as you'll see it became something far hotter than anyone expected. Stopping at a gorgeous spot overlooking the valley Maxxie and Alex can't keep their hands, or mouths, to themselves, quickly gobbling on the juicy dicks of their respective love interests right there in the open. It's a good thing there aren't any locals to interrupt their rampant cock lust, but I think we all know any farmer discovering these antics would only likely get his own dick out for a little alfresco fun, too. It should go without saying that these two bottom boys are down for almost anything, so it's no surprise they're soon swapping their partners and getting a taste of the other's delicious dick, their own cocks being slurped and stroked and their butt holes ready for a thorough pounding. Making use of some nearby trees Maxxie and Alex brace themselves while Casper and Alec ease their naked ramrods between those cheeks, taking their turn in each of the boy's, swapping their bottoms with ravenous desperation to cum. After some deep dicking for both in the trees the boys take a ride, Maxxie riding Casper and Alex fucking himself on Alec's big meat, the two spurting their hot milky juices over the ground before kneeling for a shower of spunk from their two top boys.

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