Damsel In Distress 139 - Gold Digger Grabbed






Studio: Red MILF Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:09:38
Released: 2008

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Fayth was at a fancy party with a lot of wealthy men. She was flirting with them in hopes of landing a rich new boyfriend. There where a few men at the party whom she ignored. She had been drinking and went to the upstairs bathroom. She thought she was alone but before she could close the door she was attacked by a man in a suit wearing a mask. She fought back with all her strength. He shoved a pair of panties in her mouth and wrapped saran wrap around her head. She tried to scream but it was muffled. No one at the party missed her. The man took advantage of the situation. She had ignored his advances so he made her pay. He pulled her dress down and fondled her tits. Then she heard a zipper and got what she deserved. When he was done he dragged her into the shower and turned the water on her. She struggled and crawled out dragging herself out of the bathroom. She crawled down the hallway pulling herself to the stairway. There she lay in exhaustion hoping someone would find her. (Simulated sex)
Clip 1 - 9 mins 38 secs

Stars: Fayth
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Cast & Stars: Damsel In Distress 139 - Gold Digger Grabbed

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