Damsel In Distress 130 - Little Tease Taught A Lesson






Studio: Red MILF Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:08:58
Released: 2008

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Karinne was in her house getting ready to go out. She was deciding what to wear when all of a sudden a man snuck up behind her and grabbed and gagged her. He tied her up and secured the house. He had been following her when she went out to the bars, he watched her as she teased men out of money and drinks. He finally had a chance to relieve himself. He slammed her on the bed and played with her tits, and then he pulled her panties down and spread her ass open. He grew hard. While he was having his way with her he told her this is what you get when you are a tease. She fought back but he had his way with her. When he finished, he whispered in her ear he would leave her like that for her roommates to find her. (Simulated sex)
Clip 1 - 8 mins 58 secs

Stars: Karinne
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Cast & Stars: Damsel In Distress 130 - Little Tease Taught A Lesson

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