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For Your Own Good Part 2 Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:36:31
Released: 2019
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    After making love to his girlfriend, Zac rushes into Kristen's room to quiet her down. She knows Zac had a girl over and she is desperate to see her boyfriend, Robby. Robby knows everything that happened with Kristen's father...

    Flashback to shortly after Kristen killed her father and Kristen and Robby discuss their options on where Kristen can run to hide and they recount the events of that night. Kristen is vulnerable and needs Robby. She pleads her love for him and the two make love. Kristen's mom returns home. Kristen want the two of them talk to her but Robby just runs out the door, afraid to confront Kristin's mom. Can he be trusted when there is such a large reward being offered?

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    Cast & Stars: For Your Own Good Part 2

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