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Anita Applebum Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:16:08
Released: 2015
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Taking a page from the great A Tribe Called Quest song, Anita Applebum will put you on! The beautiful Hungarian 20-year-old Anita Bellini enters the room, walks seductively towards you, and right by your ear she mischievously whispers, “I wanna fuck you.” But she takes her time. She wants you to look at her. From an assortment of dildos and butt-plugs, she asks you which one you want to see her play with. You just need to point and she’ll handle the rest. Anita takes the butt-plug you chose and slides it in her ass, then lovingly helps you out of those pants and guides you into her mouth. With the butt-plug still inside her ass, she turns around and rides you. Soon, though, you both may realize that plug can’t possible satiate all of her anal hunger, so you can exchange it for the real thing and seamlessly start fucking her in the ass. Anita then turns to face you and spreads her pussy right in front of you, while you keep entering that tight butthole. She wants you to come all over her ass, and she’s ready to lick off any jizz that’s left.

Cast & Stars: Anita Applebum

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