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Random Studio: Paradise Films GmbH

Paradise Film Entertainment GmbH is one of the leading companies in the European Adult Entertainment market. The company has its headquarters at Lake Mühlhofen and was founded in the summer of 2002.

Our first priority is the development of own productions under the label Paradise Film,... [Read More]

Top Categories: International -> Germany      Gonzo -> Sex      International -> Europe      Anal -> M On F      Hardcore -> Sex      

Random Studio: Petra Joy

Petra Joy is a multi award-winning independent erotic film director. Her films show porn from a female perspective and focus on female pleasure. Petra Joy's unique art-core films promote sensual and creative sex - beyond the usual porn clichés.

Petra has an MA in film studies and a background... [Read More]

Top Categories: For Women -> Erotica      For Women -> Potpourri      Compilations      Alt-Porn -> Hipsters      Plot Oriented -> Vignettes